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ITEM                    DESCRIPTION

Campbell's          Chicken Noodle Soup 284ml (Can)

Campbell's          Assorted Soup 12x10oz.

Capri                     Canola Oil 16L

Capri                     Vegetable Oil 16L

Cheez Whiz         Jalapeno 12x500g

Chips                    Plantain 24x165g

Christie                Crackers 2x500g

Clover Leaf         Chunk Light Tuna 6x1.88kg

Hostess                Rolled Gold Pretzels 40pk

Hellmann's          Mayonnaise 8x1.42L

Heinz Ketchup    Ketchup Plastic 24x375ml

Heinz Ketchup    Ketchup (Glass) 24x375ml

Master Chef        Canola Oil 16L

Master Chef        Peanut Oil 16L

Mazola                 Corn Oil 6x2.89L

Milo                      Chocolate Drink Can 12x400g

Grace                   Spicy Chicken Soup 12x64g

Granaria Bucatini              Pasta 24x500g

Gudrun                 Christmas Chocolates 8x400g

Ideal                     Cut Green Beans (Cans) 24x540ml

Ital Pasta             Mac & Cheese 48x200g

Kingsford             Charcoal Briquets 7.75kg

Kisko                     Freezee 50x150ml

Kraft                     Kraft Dinner 12x225g

Mr.Freezee         Jumbo 70x150ml

Napkins Junior 1000s

Nissin Cup-a-Noodle        Spicy Chicken 12x64g

Nissin Cup-a-Noodle        Spicy Beef 12x64g

Wings                   Portion Pepper 6x1000pk

Wing's                  Portion Ketchup 500x9gr

Wing's                  Portion Hot Sauce 500x9gr

Wing's                  Portion Mustard 500x7gr

Wing's                  Portion Relish 500x7g

Wing's                  Portion Sugar 1000x3.5g

ABC                       Detergent  6x1.47L

Aero                     Peppermint Chocolate 24x41g

Barilla                   Spaghetti 20x375g

Barilla                   Elbow Pasta 16x375g

Conference Cup 9 oz cups

D'Angelo              Vegetable Oil 16L Pail

D'Angelo              Vegetable Oil 4x3L

D'Angelo              Canola Oil 16L

Dart                      9 Inch Foam Plates

DeCecco              Penne Rigate Pasta 20x500g

DeCecco              Spaghetti 20x500g

DeCecco              Fussili Pasta 20x500g

DeCecco              Fettuccini 20x500g

DeCecco              Spaghetti 20x500g

Deep Cove          Chunklight Tuna 6x1.88kg

Del Monte           Lemon Juice 12x946ml

Desiree's              Table Syrup 4x4L

Dixie                     Soup Spoons

Dure                     Vending Cream 24x500g

EMMA                  Extra Virgin Olive Oil 12x1L

Frank's Hot Sauce             Red Hot Sauce 4x3.78L

Frank's Hot Sauce             Extra Hot Sauce 4x3.78L

Frank's Hot Sauce             Buffalo Wing Sauce 4x3.78L

Oxhead Rice       White Fragrant Scented Rice 100% 18lb

Paisano                Canned Whole Tomatoes 12x28oz

Palmolive            Dish Detergent 4x5L

Primo                   Variety Pack Canned Soup

Pringles                Original 14x181g

Realemon            Realemon Juice 12x440ml

Realemon            Realemon Juice 12x945ml

Realemon            Realemon Juice 2x3.8L

Realime               Lime Juice 12x440ml

Redpath               Sugar 2kgx10

Redpath               Sugar 20 kg

Redpath               Golden Yellow Sugar 20kg

Redpath               Dark Brown Sugar 20kg

Redpath               Icing Sugar 20kg

Robin Hood         All Purpose Flour 10x2.5kg

Rose's                  Grenadine 12x745ml

Rose's                  Lime Cordial 12x745ml

Scotties                Facial Tissue 48x136sheets

Scotties                Jumbo Paper Towels

Sifto                      Coarse Salt 12x1.36kg

Smart Food         Popcorn 36pk

Smucker's            Double Fruit Blueberry Spread 12x500ml

Snickers               Chocolate Bars 48 pack

Sunlight Liquid Dish Detergent 2x5L

Sweet Source     Portion Sugar Raw 3.5gx1000

Touch Forks        Plastic Forks 1000's

Touch Knives      Plastic Knives 1000`s

Touch Spoons     Plastic Spoons 1000's

Unico                   Original Pasta Sauce 12x680ml

Vitko                     Mashed Potatoes 24x250g

White Swan        Jumbo Paper Towels 2x12

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